Hi! I am Murilo Romera, a game composer and sound designer from São Paulo, Brazil. I've been working in the indie video game industry as a freelancer since 2016, and I’ve made audio for multiple PC and mobile titles.

I've always been interested in audio and game development. When I was a child, I used to say I'd be a game designer. However, as a teenager, I discovered my passion for music. I used to play bass guitar and sing in a pop/punk band during my high school years, and later fell in love with game audio in college. I've been walking down this thrilling gamedev path since then.

I play Nintendo games for as long as I remember, which reflects on my work too: David Wise, Koji Kondo and Grant Kirkhope are some of my biggest influences. I enjoy mixing recorded instruments with virtual ones, and I’m always experimenting with interesting sound effects.

I also have a programming background, having worked previously in the IT industry and developed some Unity games. I have experience in audio implementation using middleware and engines such as FMOD.

Selected works

Sleeping Dragon: Adventure Puzzle Game (Music/SFX)

Sleeping Dragon is a 3D puzzle platformer game currently in development by Vermillion Game Studio for Windows PCs.

Radius Hex: Ink Shapes (SFX)

Radius Hex: Ink Shapes is a casual puzzle game in development by Hanoi Studios for PC and Mac.

Mini Tone (SFX)

Mini Tone is a casual puzzle game developed by Mens Sana Interactive for PC and mobile platforms.


If you’re interested in learning more about my work, feel free to message me! :)

You can also contact me by email.

Listen to my music on the platform of your choosing:

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